The Whales

The Work

Our hand carved and painted wooden whales are made in our studio here in mid coast Maine, for your home, classroom or office walls.

The whales are only lightly sanded after carving, leaving “facets” to highlight the chisel and knife work that go into their making. All pieces are carved from locally grown basswood, a type of American Linden tree that provides excellent wood for carving as it resists checking and cracking.

From that wood we have chosen 12 whale species that we think illustrate the variety of whale shapes and sizes. Some artistic license has been taken as to scale.

Painted Wood Carving Whales



Large Whales are larger, and small whales are smaller but since the variation is 5 to 1 we have compressed the scale somewhat.

With the exception of the black whales, most whale species display a wide variation of colors. We have chosen shades from within that variation to avoid overlap and more clearly define different species. The painting, on many pieces, involves many layers of different tones, to achieve dimensionality and texture. Care is taken to replicate the elaborate markings and shading on some of the whales. The various callosities, encrustations and bumps are applied where necessary. The eyes, a small but notable feature of whales, are glass on our versions, to give them a bit of “glint”.

They come with a saw tooth hanger on the back and a small hook for your convenience. Because they are hand made no two are precisely alike. Lastly, all pieces are signed and dated.

Chip Slimak & Rose Kern


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